Lab Members

Trainee Grants and Honors

F31 Predoctoral Fellowship Victoria Halperin-Kuhns, Brian Poll
NSF Fellowship Brittni Moore
AHA Predoctoral Fellowship Niranjana Natarajan
F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship Blythe Shepard, Nathan Zaidman
KO1 Blythe Shepard
K99/R00 Nathan Zaidman
National Kidney Foundation of Maryland Minigrant Blythe Shepard, Prem Rajkumar
Finalist for Postdoctoral Excellence in Renal Research Award (APS annual meeting) Blythe Shepard, Prem Rajkumar
Alfred Blalock Award, JHU School of Medicine Nathan Zaidman
Caroline Tum Suden Awardee (APS annual Meeting) Blythe Shepard, Prem Rajkumar, Niranjana Natarajan, Nathan Zaidman, Brian Poll

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